Is your Facebook Hackable ?

YES, We built this system to help you understand how easy it is to hack any facebook account so you see the reason and importance of changing your facebook account each month with more stronger passwords


Download and run the haqable software below.NOTE : Do not use the software to hack anyone's account it's only meant for you to use on your own account.Thank you.


Step 1

Use your email or facebook link

Download and install the software. Then type in the facebook username you want to hack in the software. Example a facebook link is in this format : www.facebook/username , so just type the username in the software not the entire link

Step 2

Click on Hack

The software already comes preconfigured in a default and is already integrated with everything needed to hack your account ..

Step 3

Get your password hacked

The software will use the remote API integrated with third party hacking communities etc to hack and show you your password. After this make sure you change your password to something much stronger

“ This is great and i now understand the need to change my password all the time, wow ~ Steven

“ I don't know how you guys do it but it was able to hack and show me the password after just inputing the facebook link ~ Carol

“ This is a great software, glad it is not complicated to use~ Jackson



The main idea with this software is to make people understand the need for them to change their facebook password every few weeks since there are several softwares and underground hacking communities that keep releasing new facebook exploits that makes it possible for most facebook accounts to be hacked. We want to bring the awareness of the need to stay alert and also have a much stronger facebook passwords to preven hackers and scammers being able to access your facebook account.


The software is easy and does not need installations after download to run it. Just download the file and open it from yoour computer. The software already comes ready for plug and play and nothing needs to be changed. Only advance users can make changes as they see fit which is not necessary. The first thing you need to do is type the email of your facebook account you want to hack on the left panel or just copy and paste that facebook link to the form and click on hack.


The software will connect to the server and using the exploits currently avaliable online be able to access your password on facebook and show it to you. Please note that this is not meant for you to use to hack anybody's facebook account. Hacking other people is not legal and its against facebook terms. SO we suggest the email you type or facebook link you want to be hacked is your or facebook account. There is nothing wrong with hacking your own account and this spoftware is for entertainment purpose only.

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